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       Workshop on the History of Logic

When & where:

Thursday November 10th, 2011, Rubens Auditorium, Academy Palace, Rue Ducale / Hertogstraat 1, Brussels.


14.30 Arianna Betti (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): "Explanation and logical consequence from Bolzano to Tarski"
15.30 Stephen Read (University of St Andrews): "Truth, Signification and Paradox"
16.30 Coffee
17.00 Wilfrid Hodges (British Academy): "Ibn Sina's explanation of reductio ad absurdum"


To register for this event, please send an e-mail to
Attendance to the meeting is free of charge for all. Directions to the venue can be found here.
Organizing committee: Patrick Allo, Bertrand Hespel & Bart Van Kerkhove.